6 reasons to outsource your IT to Serbia


In the past years, Serbia has experienced IT renaissance. The IT industry is recognized as highly important and the state has identified the need for systematic support as well as creating an enabling environment for further development. The strong technical knowledge gained on Serbian universities, excellent price-performance ratio, working culture, and vast collaboration with foreign companies are factors that qualify Serbia as one of the most favorable IT outsourcing destinations in Europe.

Serbia has many advantages in terms of IT Outsourcing so we’ve sorted out a list naming the top 6 reasons.

1. Experienced and well-trained IT professionals

Serbia is well-known for its good education system. Choices of education in Information Technology areas are wide and the biggest advantage is that most students start working while they are still at universities, gaining experience and skills at an early stage. The advantage of outsourcing to Serbia is that you will get highly skilled employees for specific projects. Inhouse, this process can be hard because when you employ someone, in most cases you get only the set of skills this person possesses, and sometimes they might lack the skill needed for a specific project. In a different industry, you would probably be able to engage and hire people that already have the exact skills your business needs but in today’s competitive market, demands for skilled workers, especially in the IT industry, are very high. With outsourcing, nearshoring, offshoring, and project-based solutions you can get a wider choice of talents and employees with a broad range of skills. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourced IT allows you the freedom to scale software service up or down to meet your business goals and planned budget. This flexibility makes outsourced IT support great value for your company. Companies whose management decide to outsource IT are doing so because can significantly cut the costs. The costs of software development are very high nowadays, especially if you need someone who is highly skilled. Outsourcing can dramatically reduce these costs, utilize time better by outsourcing time-consuming tasks, and allow you to gain competitive advantage against other companies. In the end, the client gets the highest level of service provided for a good and reasonable price. 

3. Cultural affinity

Cultural affinity is an important factor if you are considering IT outsourcing because it reduces the problems that may arise from cultural diversity. Collaboration is much easier if cultural compatibility exists. Cultural compatibility reduces any communication misunderstandings and enhances work collaboration. Most western companies choose Serbia for IT outsourcing because of cultural similarities. Employees in Serbia have a highly structured problem-solving approach, and they are proactive and committed to fixing problems that can occur to deliver the success of a development project. Having these characteristics as standard is not only highly positive but also gives the Serbian development teams a major competitive advantage over other European competitors. 

4. High English Proficiency

English Proficiency is a standard for the IT world, but the level of language skilll can differ considerably from country to country. Serbia has a large pool of English-speaking IT professionals. The majority of them speak excellent English and don’t have issues in communication with external companies, which leads to the overall success of development projects. So, we can easily say that the language barrier is practically non-existent in Serbia. It is also not new that numerous Serbian people speak a third language in addition to their native language and English.

5. Geographical proximity

The geographical proximity of your external partner in outsourcing means that you can easily organize meetings where you can directly discuss important tasks and issues that will need strategic decisions on the project. The possibility to communicate in real-time reduces the probability of misunderstanding during the collaboration. This leads to less expensive trips and occasional face-to-face meetings. Belgrade, as the administrative and business capital of Serbia, is easily reachable from most capital cities in Europe with a couple of hours of flight. The advantage of Serbia’s geographical proximity makes the software development process optimal and adjusted to your business needs.

6. Favorable legislation

Favorable legislation is one of the most important factors of outsourcing your IT to Serbia. Stable business conditions, excellent tax incentives, low tax rates, and very affordable labor costs have attracted a lot of international companies that decided to outsource their IT to Serbia. Even though Serbia is not a part of the European Union, most of our laws are following European Union laws.

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