BatWinner—The Art of Using Big Data to Predict the Results of Sports Matches


Using big data to predict the results of sports matches is nothing new. There are numerous websites and mobile applications that have been created for this purpose. Many among them are pure scams, but some do an okay job of helping sports fans score.

BatWinner is an app by EpicSoftwareSolutions that uses big data to help its users bet on sports like a pro. How does our app stand out from the heap of other softwares proclaiming to do the same? What makes it valuable to the majority of betting enthusiasts? Where does its future potential lie? Check out this short overview that will answer all your questions.

The User-Friendly Source of Detailed Sports Betting Info

BatWinner’s algorithm that generates above-average predictions is just one part of our app’s appeal. We also provide additional services that sports betting enthusiasts find indispensable. So far, we have three sections:

1. BatCatch—Algorithm-based tips

2. BatRadar—Live game stats

3. BatCave—Tipsters’ forecasts and leaderboard

Our main idea was to build a go-to betting advice platform. The sections we currently offer cover the needs of a large sports betting audience. A few more sections we have in plan will further expand our reach and give a new dimension to the app.

We are aware that it’s one thing to provide users with detailed information, but completely another to swamp them with a huge amount of data that’s all over the place. Many similar platforms pile up various data without a systematic approach. This is why they fail to respond to the users’ needs and keep their audience. We worked hard on systematising our data and allowing our clients to use them hassle-free. The overall user-friendliness is where the BatWinner’s art lies and one of the main points that makes it stand out from the crowd. We will keep it that way.

BatCatch—The Intersection of Data Science and Sports Betting

Big data and its exploitation is not a new thing in sports. For some time is has been used for:

  • Helping coaches with recruitment decisions
  • Creating more effective sports strategies
  • Boosting the engagement of fans through fantasy sport

However, the most lucrative use of big data in sports is in the field of betting. Its combination with machine learning gives highly accurate predictions, especially for in-game betting. 

BatCatch VS Other Sports Forecasting Platforms

The main issue with the majority of the sports forecasting platforms that claim to be based on big data and powered by high-performance algorithms is the lack of reliability. They are often advertised as offering “sure bets”. What they can’t provide is a proof of their past performance or a clear declaration of who stands behind the project.

The development team in EpicSS is proud to stand behind BatCatch. Our enthusiasm for sports inspired us to start exploring the possibilities of an algorithm-based sports predictions algorithm. The algorithm that now powers BatCatch is based on both our vast knowledge of sports and expertise in programming science. This unique knowledge blend at the basis of the app is what makes BatWinner stand out from the rest of its competitors. 

How BatCatch Works

The amount of data our algorithm crunches daily is amazing. It collects and analyses info such as:

  • the results of historical matches
  • dangerous attacks
  • successful passes
  • corners

Whenever it generates a tip corresponding to the filters a user has chosen, the system sends out a notification. This makes it easier for users to keep up with valuable tips without having to check the app. Those users who have access to an online bookmaking service and can act quickly upon a tip should make the most of the BatCatch section.

The Additional Data Available on BatCatch

We don’t expect blind following from our users. That’s why we also made team performance data available upon tapping the match. The graph showing past app success allows anyone to check BatCatch performance in the previous period. The filters are there to make the tips list easier to navigate.

We have also calculated the recommended betting bank for our users. This gives them background info and can help them decide if they want to follow our advice or not. In short-we’ve done everything to make our users real bet winners.

BatRadar—Live Match Feed Equipped With Thorough Filters

BatRadar is another section built for those users who prefer in-game betting. At the first glance, it may seem like any other live betting feed. However, it is equipped with detailed match filters that give BatWinner an advantage over other apps.

Filters for a number of parameters that make it easier for users to see just the matches they prefer playing on. They can choose:

  • Only the matches with odds
  • More detailed filters such as:
    • The number of corners
    • The number of attacks
    • The ball possession percentage for one of the teams

In other words, we haven’t relied here on the uniqueness of data to give us the competitive edge. Rather, we aimed to provide an outstanding user experience that would set us apart from the competitors.

BatCave—The Place To Show Off Your Sports Knowledge and Judgement

BatCave is the first step towards the creation of the BatWinner community. BatCatch and BatRadar are sections any individual betting enthusiast will find interesting. BatCave is where all these users can share their own forecasts and follow each other. They can also visit each tipster’s profile and see how successful their tips were. This way they can decide whether to follow a tipster's advice based on hard data.

Every tip can be shared in the form of a link via any messaging app. This way we gave our community room to grow through tip shares and invites. We have created a referral programme that should further encourage invitations. People who like competitions will be additionally motivated to invite their friends. It would give them an opportunity to track each other’s tips and see who was the most successful. This way they can adopt BatWinner as a natural part of their group dynamics.

Another surprise we have in store for our users are monthly prizes for the best tipster (we’re open to talk about sponsorship offers). We appreciate our users and their immersion in the app and want to encourage interaction through BatCave since that is the best way to not only build the community, but also help the users get the best possible experience and results from BatWinner. A winning user is, after all, our greatest achievement.

A Transparent Sports Predictions Platform

How much we value transparency is most obvious within the BatCatch section. The BatWinner success graph is always available for anyone to see. The calendar filter allows choosing the period of time for which you want to check the BatCatch achievements. Beside the graph, there are also several other statistical data such as:

  • Number of covered matches
  • Number of matches where BatCatch gave a winning tip
  • The total suggested stake
  • The total income
  • The total ROI

All performance info is available for any month since the app launch. This way, every piece of info related to our app’s performance is just a click away. This “transparency first” approach is the basis on which we want to build our relationship with our users. There are no hidden processes, no small-print disclaimers. We are primarily fellow sports fans and this is the approach we want to nurture.

We apply this principle to all other parts of our app. Every user who leaves tips in BatCave can take a look at their own performance history on their profile. The same goes for all other tipsters—everyone can access everyone’s accounts and see how well they did with their forecasts. This way users can decide based on reliable and detailed data whether they want to follow a tipster and rely on their upcoming tips.

The Next Steps

The development doesn’t stop here. Data science will inevitably develop further. Due to the sum of money involved in sports betting, the connection between this entertainment branch and big data will deepen. We will make sure our algorithm for predicting sports results keeps up with the industry standards and grows with it. 

One thing that we don’t plan to change is the ease of use of our data. The leading idea is helping sports fans get results more easily. That can only be achieved if we maintain the transparency and user-friendliness of our app.

We also plan to add new sports and features that would make the app attractive to people in the Balkans region, and then from around the world. As our audience grows, the app will grow and improve with it, relying on the users’ feedback as the most important parameter of our success.

Check out the BatWinner benefits yourself! Download today from GooglePlay, AppStore, or AppGallery!

BatWinner—The Art of Using Big Data to Predict the Results of Sports Matches
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