Tips & Tricks for hiring software developers


Nowadays, there is a huge demand for employees, especially in the software development industry. The harsh realities of today’s highly competitive job market need a new creative hiring process and approach. Here are a couple of tips & tricks about how tech recruiters can attract and hire software developers.

Referral program

In recent years IT companies have created a program for recommending candidates by employees. If the candidate recommended by the employee is selected, the employee after a certain time since the hiring of the recommended employee receives a bonus which is, in most situations, equal to a monthly salary of the employee whom he recommended. Creating a referral program in companies can often be problematic unless feedback is given to the candidate and the employee who recommended the candidate. The focus should be on giving feedback to the candidate as well as the employee and informing them about the selection process.

Recruitment Efficiency

The time duration of the recruitment and selection process is one of the important factors, especially when recruiting and selecting IT professionals. The recruitment and selection process itself is limited in time by different company procedures and rules, however, when recruiting IT professionals, this process can be extended despite the recruiter's efforts. All possible administration needs to be minimized, and attention should be paid to the effective recruitment of IT professionals and, at a later stage of the selection process, to recruit as quickly as possible.

Job Ads

Job advertisements today are very diffrente from the techniques used earlier. Traditional methods of advertising job positions have ceased to produce results. Today, creative strategies are developed in Serbia as well, aiming to attract the highest-quality candidates. They connect the marketing and human resources departments and creates job ads and promo materials that are differ from traditional ones.

When it comes to job advertising, social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are heavily used. Company-site career opportunity sections play an important role in attracting candidates, as they contain the information that needs to bring candidates closer to their work culture, company values, ​​and expectations of future employees.

College recruiting

Candidates for junior positions are often recruited from the ranks of college students through various projects such as Case Studies, IT Hackathon, and cooperation with the student organizations. These types of projects allow them to collaborate with students through various workshops and choose the best ones to do internships and later work for the company.

Job fairs

Recruiters of IT companies are often present at job fairs to talk about the business of their company and the open positions they have thorough discussions with participants. Recruiters at these fairs are primarily aimed to introduce students and juniors to the company and to the conditions they offer for their development and progression. The purpose of Job fairs is to give information to students about the job market and companies as well as connecting companies and students. IT companies strive to keep their personal mark at Job fairs by organizing creative workshops, sharing promotional gifts, and designing games for students at their booth. In this way, companies try to stand out given that competition from other companies is high.

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