Typo3 CMS in Serbia—The Secret to the Highest ROI From Your Web Projects


The right CMS platform provides numerous functionalities that simplify some business processes and make your website user-friendly. TYPO3 CMS has a set of features that make it a popular choice for various businesses that need a content management solution.

EpicSS has been among the pioneer users of TYPO3 CMS in Serbia. We are here to help you understand all pros and cons of using this CMS platform with respect to your industry, business, and customer profiles. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing TYPO3 CMS for your next web project and outsourcing web development tasks to Serbia.

What Is Typo3 CMS?

TYPO3 is a free, open-source content management system. This CMS is designed for publishing content on the internet using MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases. It is written in PHP and is licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. It is one of the most popular content management systems and it is being used mostly in Europe, especially in the DACH area.

9 TYPO3 CMS Advantages

There are numerous TYPO3 CMS advantages that have contributed to its expansion. They are related to its regular updates, a wide array of offered features, as well as its security. You aren’t familiar with this CMS? Here’s a quick overview of its main features that will help you decide if TYPO3 is the right CMS for your business:

  1.  Open-source
  2.  Cost-efficient
  3.  Web-based
  4.  User-friendly
  5.  Multilingual
  6.  Multisite
  7.  Customisable
  8.  Extensible
  9.  Secure

1. Open-Source

TYPO3 is an open-source CMS. This means that its source code is available to anyone. Users can change the source code in any way so as to create functionalities they need for their intranet or website. This sort of independence from one company and specific database or

operating system gives TYPO3 flexibility that surpasses that of company-provided systems. In other words, many developers would agree that it is a better choice than many paid options.

2. Cost-Efficient

Being an open-source CMS, TYPO3 is free for all users. Its cost-effectiveness doesn’t stop there. The independence, flexibility, and adaptability to new technologies make this platform a financially wiser choice for any developing business. Whether you need a website or intranet, it’s better to choose a flexible long-term solution than a limited one with long upgrade cycles.

3. Web-Based

TYPO3 is a web-based CMS. This means that content managers can log in via a web browser to make changes to the content. In other words, TYPO3 is accessible from anywhere, and you don’t need local software to manage your website content. This makes it perfect for remote development teams as well as all other users who want quick and easy access to their CMS platform.

Large corporations that intend to have many content editors will particularly appreciate TYPO3’s accessibility. Easier access also means quicker content updates and bug fixes. In this respect, TYPO3 can stand side by side with leading-edge commercial solutions.

4. User-Friendly

TYPO3 is a flexible platform and it can be used without writing a line of code. You can use it without any knowledge of programming languages. This is another TYPO3 benefit that many non-IT companies will find attractive. With this CMS, minimal training will enable your employees to make updates to your company website without a developer’s help. For all the complex changes that require technical knowledge, our developers are always available to our clients.

5. Multilingual

The entire CMS is available in more than 50 languages. TYPO3 also has a high-quality localisation system. It allows you to create high-quality websites in many different languages. Editor roles for regional pages can be easily assigned and defined depending on the language and corporate division. Additionally, this CMS allows default content translation. This means you won’t need a third-party translator. All language-specific characters are supported, so you don’t have to worry about regional pages looking fishy or unintelligible.

6. Multisite

Big corporations often have different versions of their website for different markets. TYPO3 is perfect for managing multiple websites via one installation. This means you will have access to all your websites in one place. Everything is tidy, clear, and runs efficiently. There is the central administration of content and brand strategy. However, you can make local changes for region specific pages.

7. Customisable

IT is one of the fastest changing industries. When you are building a long-term business you need a modern and highly functional website. Your website should also be able to withstand future changes in both your business and the information technology trends. TYPO3’s open architecture and independence allow you to customise your website to fit your exact needs and current trends. This is another reason why this CMS is among the best ones for building your website regardless of your company size or industry.

8. Extensible

TYPO3 platform offers a couple of thousands of extensions that can be quickly and easily installed. Developers can expand functionalities by additional image galleries, any kind of form, discussion boards, e-shops, etc. The additional features depend only on your business needs.

9. Secure

TYPO3 has a dedicated security team that quickly and efficiently responds to any security issues. TYPO3 is also among the CMSs whose vulnerability to security breaches is low. This means that by choosing the TYPO3 platform for your website you ensure the highest safety of your customers’ data. At the same time, you make sure your website visitors have the smoothest user experience with minimal interruptions.

The Advantages of Outsourcing TYPO3 CMS Projects to Serbia

The IT industry is by far the fastest growing industry in Serbia. This is why Serbia is one of the most desirable and popular destinations for outsourcing IT projects. Take a look at the list of additional reasons foreign partners choose Serbian IT companies as their partners:

  • Cost-effectiveness—The Prices of IT services are significantly lower in Serbia than in Western Europe
  • No cultural or language barriers—Serbia’s culture is a European one and Serbian developers speak advanced English. You will have amazing communication with your outsourcing team.
  • Great education—From primary school to university, Serbia boasts a thorough approach to education. This is why our IT professionals are knowledgeable and can resolve any problem, even the ones that are not in their immediate area of interest.
  • Amazing work ethics—Our professionals are responsible and dedicated to their work. Their results are always polished high-quality products that stand the test of time.
  • A fast developing industry that keeps up with the world—Our experienced, as well as our young, engineers are world-class professionals that keep up with the latest trends in the industry. However, they never go for the latest trends at the cost of the product quality.
  • Extensive TYPO3 experience—This isn’t a rule in Serbia, but there are a few companies that specialise in this CMS. Epic Software Solutions is one of them. Although not under the current name, our core team has been working together for almost a decade. From the very beginning, our go-to CMS was TYPO3. We prefer it for all the listed reasons—from flexibility and scalability, to user-friendliness and compatibility with the latest industry requirements. We have numerous TYPO3 projects in our portfolio, and we will be happy to enrich our collection with a top-notch website or intranet built for you.


Choosing TYPO3 CMS for your next web project will enable you to stay up to date with the latest IT trends. You will also stay flexible to the changes within your industry and demands of your market.
Want to make the development of your new website truly cost-efficient? Outsourcing your project to the experienced developers from Serbia is the way to go. You will significantly reduce your development costs and get a top-notch product.

EpicSS gathers highly experienced TYPO3 developers and thus combines the quality and stability TYPO3 offers with the talent and professionalism of Serbian developers. Contact us for more information and let’s boost your business together now!

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