What is Sporteaser? Learn First-Hand From Our CEO and the App’s Creator


Sporteaser, our  up-and-coming mobile app mobile application and software package, is entering the final stage of development. So, what is Sporteaser? We talked about this with the CEO of EpicSS, Ivan. He answered a few of the most common questions on behalf of the team behind the app. We discussed the technical features of this application, as well as the vision to redefine the perception of amateur sports and boost their popularity.

What is Sporteaser? Let’s first clear this out.

Sporteaser is a platform dedicated to the sports that are underrepresented in the mainstream media, as well as the amateur sports. In addition to the mobile application, which is the main product under the Sporteaser brand, this software package includes:

  • Scorekeeper software for recording results
  • Host software for managing competitions
  • Scoreboard software for displaying results on scoreboards
  • Live Score software for broadcasting all match changes via a web page

So, the Sporteaser software package ensures that sports that don’t make it to the headlines still find their way to the interested audience.


What is the goal of the Sporteaser software?

The goal of developing Sporteaser software is to help popularise sports, foster sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle in general.

What is Sporteaser’s mission?

The mission of Sporteaser software is to shine a spotlight on the people engaged in amateur sports through our mobile application and other Sporteaser platforms. We are talking about people who are not famous but, thanks to their sports skills and Sporteaser, can become stars within the circle of amateur athletes. We witness daily that platforms like YouTube can propel anyone into the limelight. Our team sees here an opportunity to redefine the narrative surrounding this type of stardom. In other words, Sporteaser is committed to promoting a value system that steers away from superficial pursuits and endorses a more meaningful approach to life, recreation, and pastime.

Who are Sporteaser users?

Sporteaser is intended for everyone, especially people passionate about sports. Whether you're an active participant or an enthusiastic spectator, Sporteaser has something for you. On one side, this application serves as a one-stop platform to connect sports enthusiasts with tournaments, leagues, and opponents. If you're not into sports, Sporteaser allows you to effortlessly track the triumphs of your sporty friends. Picture this: your colleague represents your company in a sports competition. With Sporteaser, you can follow their every move in real time, no matter where you are. For example, Sporteaser was the technical partner at the Srbija te zove (Serbia Calling) tournament. This competition gathered Serbian children from both the country and diaspora and gave them an opportunity to showcase their football skills. People from around the world used Sporteaser to keep up with the success of their child's team, match after match. So, whether you're a player, a fan, or just curious, Sporteaser is here to facilitate your journey into the world of sports!

What are the Sporteaser software main uses?

Sporteaser is your all-access pass to the world of sports. Just like its name says—it makes sports easier, i.e. organising your sports and rectreation is way easier with Sporteaser. Here's a breakdown of the benefits our software offers:

  • Makes it easy to discover the perfect tournaments, leagues, and opponents tailored to your preferences. Whether you're a seasoned player or a rookie, Sporteaser makes it easy to find the right match.
  • Gives you a front-row seat to the sporting achievements of your friends. Enables you to see their victories, goals, and memorable moments, even if you're not watching the match from the stands.
  • Makes it possible to turn everyday people into the stars of their own sporting stories.


In a nutshell, Sporteaser’s purpose is to connect sports competitions, amateur athletes, and the audience member quickly and easily.

What is the cost of Sporteaser services?

Using the Sporteaser application is absolutely free for both our "athletes" and the "audience." We strive to keep it that way so as to encourage everyone to dive into the world of sports without any barriers. However, we also need support to keep up our app maintenance and development efforts. That's where collaboration with sponsors comes in. We encourage sponsors who see the value in our software and goals to contact us. In return, they can showcase their products or services through banners within our application. Our aim is to keep Sporteaser free for all end users. However, if the sponsorship funding model doesn't work out, there's a possibility of introducing certain paid premium options in the future. Still, that's a distant phase, and we're hopeful it won't be necessary.

What sets Sporteaser apart from other sports applications in Serbia? Is there any noticeable competition?

Does Sporteaser have any competition in our region?—Yes and no. There are certain apps that offer similar functions matching some of the Sporteaser’s features. However, unlike others, we offer a comprehensive suite of services. This is where Sporteaser stands out. I also want to point out that we embrace competition with open arms. We're not just about being first to provide a certain service—we're on a mission. I’ll explain. EpicSS is primarily an IT company. As such, we have capital projects that make our business run. Sporteaser is more of a side project for us. However, it's also a manifestation of our commitment to social responsibility. Our core objective when it comes to this project is to promote sports and healthy lifestyle, and we are always excited to hear that there is another application that works towards the same goal. So, while we're confident in our unique set of services, we're always eager to welcome like-minded apps and teams onto the mobile apps scene. We hope we can together foster a community driven by shared values and love for sports.

In what stage of development is Sporteaser?

Right now, we're still in the alpha phase of development, and it's been an incredible journey so far. We've had the privilege of covering events that were extended to us by organisers, who happen to be friends of our company. Some of the fantastic events where we have provided tech supportare the following leagues:

  • BatWinner Mini Padel League
  • BatWinner Outdoor Padel League
  • Company League
  • Company Basket League
  • Fireball Indoor Padel League

…as well as these tournaments:

  • Vamos Padel Tournament 4
  • Vožd Padel Cup 2023
  • Gladiator Cup 2023
  • 14th Memorial Tournament “Deda Mlađa Mitrović”
  • Bobovo 2023
  • Fireball Summer Padel Cup
  • Padel Belgrade Open
  • Forest Padel Club 1
  • Humanitarian Tournament 4
  • Fireball Autumn Padel Cup
  • Serbia Calling! (Srbija te zove!)

What are the plans for Sporteaser’s future development?

We would love to use our current enthusiasm as a driving force to push forward with the story we have started. In the next development phase, we plan to release the official, beta version of the application. This verision will include additional sports and several new features. The official promotion of this software package will start in the new year. We hope that a broader audience will react equally well to Sporteaser as did people who’ve had a chance to use it. Provided we receive positive feedback from users and sponsors, we will proceed with our development plan that covers the next two years of work.

So, stay tuned! In case you are organising a competition in the meantime, contact us, and let’s help you reach more players via Sporteaser

What is Sporteaser? Learn First-Hand From Our CEO and the App’s Creator
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