Why businesses should invest in mobile apps


Modern technology continues to shape the world around us and digital media and overall technology play a big role in business strategy. However, still, a lot of small and medium business owners think that having a website is enough to attract new customers and clients, and unfortunately, this isn’t true. An efficient and good business strategy requires more than having a website. Mobile apps have become a required tool for all businesses, regardless of the size of their companies or the field of industry. While many business owners may think that developing an app is a very expensive process, a mobile app can help small and medium businesses to engage with their customers and clients, increase sales, and spread company brand awareness in the market. If your business doesn’t have a mobile app yet then you need to think about developing one. There are many reasons why businesses should invest in mobile apps, but we analyzed the most important ones:

Building brand awareness

In today’s competitive tech world, having a mobile app is one of the best solutions for increasing and boosting your brand awareness. A mobile app can significantly contribute to your company brand awareness. The average person spends around 3 hours a day total on their mobile device and this surely shows the importance of mobile apps. Having a mobile app allows the user to interact with your brand from anywhere. Opportunities with a developed mobile app are almost limitless. You only need a good idea and flawless software development. Flawless software development means that your mobile app needs to be functional, user-friendly, well-designed, easy to use, and informative. But the primary goal of every mobile application should be to build an application that has all the necessary features that will help your business grow. The more often a customer is exposed to your brand the higher their intention to purchase your mobile app. Simply put, the more often users get involved with your app, the sooner they will order your service or buy your product. This is the reason why mobile apps are considered as a crucial strategy for building and promoting brands.

Engagement with customers and clients

Having a mobile app is a great opportunity to keep your customers engaged with your brand. An app offers your customers a more convenient way to buy your product or service and to interact with your brand, with simply reachable information. No matter what product or services you are selling your customers need a way to easily reach you. With a mobile app, you can have a click to call functionality, you can also have a live chat feature that can improve customer engagement. Making your app optimized can help a lot with your customer engagement. In the future mobile apps will be connected with the consumer even more than they are now and will reach an even wider and more engaged market than before. 

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

You can monetize your mobile app in different ways. To maximize ROI in mobile app development you need to create an actionable plan, plan your costs, analyze potential demographics or pricing like monthly or annual subscriptions, free trials and in-app purchasing. With the Mobile app, you will have a chance to increase revenue. If users like the app and feel it offers value to them, they will be generally happy to pay for it. Mobile app strategy can also include some discounts or vouchers directly in the app. If you use promotional offers you can significantly increase conversions. Because of the geo-location, you can collect your user’s location data to send them special offers based on their location or you can target them based on location with ads that are the most relevant to your customers. This can remarkably increase conversions while keeping your users satisfied.

Reasonable cost to develop a mobile app

Apps with basic functionality and without third-party integrations are usually developed in one to two months. Apps with higher complexity which includes payment systems, third-party, and back-end integration will take approximately four to six months or even longer to be developed and released. Mobile apps need exact concepts, with planning, and implementation in all the phases (research, design, and development). The best solution for the development of the mobile app is to start a tech partnership with an experienced software development company. Finding a company to transfer your mobile app development project will guarantee you high quality of the development of your mobile app. Delegating the development of a mobile idea to a tech partner will also save you development time and cost.

Win the market competition

A lot of small and medium companies still think that having a website is enough to attract new customers and clients and because of that, you can be in front of your competitors. With the continued thriving of the mobile world and the advanced consumer behavior, a mobile app for every business, regardless of the size of the company or field of industry, is becoming a must. Creating and having a mobile app is a good way to stay competitive in your industry. At the moment use of apps at a small business level is still sporadic, so developing a mobile app in the early-stage, can give you the advantage among other companies in your niche. To get one step ahead from your competitors, you must offer customers a thrilling and valuable user experience which can include a fluid UX experience, push notifications and messages with the newest offers and discounts and easy communication with the potential and existing customers.

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