Why you should use augmented reality in your business


Over the years technology has been evolving. Augmented reality isn’t a new technology because it was created as the first head-mounted display system back in the year 1968. Nowadays AR has widespread use in almost all industries and as Augmented technology becomes more sophisticated and cost-saving and business applications expand, the demand and investment in AR are increasing.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is the immersive technology that uses the real world and changes it in different ways. AR allows its users to see digital information projected onto the real world and it can be used for a variety of business, commercial, and educational purposes. AR turns the environment of users into a digital interface by setting virtual objects in the real world and time. This technology expands our physical world, adding layers of valuable and relevant digital information onto it. Augmented reality appears in the direct view of an existing environment and adds different features like videos, graphics, sounds, etc to it. Augmented reality technology can be used on a variety of devices: screens, mobile phones, tablets, various types of displays, etc. There are a lot of popular examples of AR in the real world like the games Pokemon Go which reached enormous fame back in the year 2016, Google Maps also has added AR features that show directions for users in the real world.

Facts about Augmented Reality

There are a lot of examples of Augmented reality in use today. Some interesting facts about this rapidly-growing technology are:

1. The name “Augmented reality” was invented at Boeing in 1990 by researcher Tom Caudell.
2. Google Mapps released the AR street view option in 2019 called Live View to show users which direction to
    walk in.
3. The popular AR game, Pokémon Go, had 60 million active users per month in June 2017, 20% of which were
    active daily. Overall this app has 1 billion downloads.
4. Augmented reality growth is projected to reach 72.7 USD billion by 2024. Now AR is used by more than
    1 billion users worldwide.
5. New Augmented reality earbuds can translate conversations in real-time.
6.  Instagram and Facebook are using AR for their camera effects to overlay graphics onto the photos.
7. There are two main ways to activate AR: Marker-based or location-based. Marker-based: Real-world objects or
    photos can be scanned to trigger an augmented reality experience. Location-based: Being in a certain location
    can activate an AR experience.
8. AR is used in treatment of phobias. AR isn’t all about entertainment it also has become one of the newest
    and famous forms of therapy that are practiced around the globe.

Augmented Reality Business Applications

This emerging and fast-growing technology has transformed the way humans live and work. AR technology plays a big role in technology development and the way of doing business. Today AR has countless applications for businesses. Businesses and companies nowadays are embracing this new technology in order to be competitive in the market and to increase their reach. Companies that want to stay on the cutting edge technology should think where Augmented reality could fit in their organizations and start to use it. There are two main fields that business owners should think about when deciding if AR is for them - if they want to use it internally to help their employees in some filed or if they want to use it for commercial purposes and their customers. Due to its features, AR is considered to be very appealing for different types of industries like Retail, Real Estate, Architecture Interior Design, Tourism and maps, Education and training, healthcare, because of its boundlessness. In retail using Augmented reality can enable potential buyers to test products before shopping, it can also personalize the way customers interact with the store and bring interaction with the products. AR can be used to facilitate learning where it enables students to access location-specific information provided through different kinds of sources. AR navigational solutions for indoor navigation can provide directions wherever you need them, for example in airports, malls, or other institutions. With AR your business can also turn brand storytelling into brand experiences. All of this is is only the beginning. AR will make progress in the coming years but the important detail is to understand what it is and how your business can use it in the long run.

Future of Augmented Reality

It is certain that there is a bright future for further development of Augmented reality, and it will be defined by the funding from the following business industries. Also, the AR software field will lead to the growth, because of the increasing use of smartphones, tablets, and other devices in different industries, which are used for the implementation and development of the AR technology. With the increasing demand for AR in the entertainment and retail filed, there are a lot of arising opportunities and demands for AR in other fields like education, real estate, and the architecture industry. While the gaming industry will for sure remain superior in terms of use and revenues, the other mentioned industry will also grow. Soon, it is expected that AR will be improved with new features, hardware, software, and that it will be used in many industries all over the world. 


There are numberless uses for this fast-growing technology, and what you choose to do with it could be a big step forward for your business. Using an Augmented reality in your business can take things to the next level allowing you to stand above the market competition. Is it time for you to consider augmented reality applications for your business strategy? Be innovative, and turn your business into an emerging AR experience. Our AR team will help you to define your goals according to your strategy, brand, and planned budget. Contact us for a free consultation for your next AR project.

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